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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Hazrat Yusuf (As)

Hazrat Yusuf (As), the famous Prophet, hailed from Kanan and was a son of Uaqub (As). Hazrat Yusuf (As) was the eleventh of twelve brothers. He was incomparably beautiful, modest and possessed the highest quality of good character.

Of his sons, the father Hazrat Yaqyb (As) had deepest love for Yousuf. For this reason the brothers became envious. At last they hatched a conspiracy and saying that they were taking Yusuf for playing, took him out of the house. They brought him to a deserted ground and after beating, threw him into a deep well. After coming back home, they ingormed their father as, when we were engaged in play, a wolf grabbed Yusuf and ate him. This is his blood stained shirt. The shirt, although blood stained, was not torn. Hazrat Yaqub (As) could not believe his sons. He was aggrieved by the falsehood of his sons. He did not express his anger, rather determined to be patient he said, Patience is most fitting, I am seeking help from Allah in that which you assert.

A caravan on its way to Egypt was passing by the well in which Yusuf was thrown. They threw a pail into the well for water. Yusuf caught hold of the rope of the pail and come to the surface. The traders bought Yusuf to Egypt and sold him out as a slave to the finance minister of Egypt, Aziz by name.Aziz was childless. Although he purchased Yusuf as a slave, he reared him up with love and affection of a son. When Yusuf grew up as a young man, he was imprisoned on a false allegation. He earned the respected of everybody in the imprisoned on a false allegation. He earned the respect of everybody in the prison due to his deep knowledge bestowed by Allah.

Once the king of Egypt saw a peculiar drem. He saw that seven learn cows devour seven fat cows. He further saw that seven green ears of corn and seven dry ears of lcorn. He expressed great interest in knowing the interpretation of the drem. But none of the grandees, wise, learned men at the court could interpret it. At last he sought help from Yusuf. Explaining the drem Yusuf (As) said for seven years the kingdom will have plenty of harvest, there will be affluence. In the next seven years continued famine will preserve the surplus food. The king was spellbound at the interpretation of Yusuf (As). He cleared him of all allegations. He honoured him with a high position in the court.

The king appointed Yusuf (As) as finance minister. Meanwhile, famine stricken brothers of Yusuf (As) came thirice to Egypt for foodstuff. Yusuf (As) could recognize them during their first visit, but dept his identity undisclosed. He allotted every time full delivery of foodstuff to them on humanitarian consideration. On the second visit, he tactifully kept his brother, born of the same mother. To himself. On the third occasion, Yusuf (As) disclosed his identity to his brothers. Then the brothers realized their blunder and apologized to him. They declared , by Allah certainly Allah has preferred you above us and we certainly have been guilty of sin. Yusuf (As) pardoned his brothers and said in sympathetic tone-

Meaning: this day let no reproach be cast on you, Allah will forgive you and he is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. (Yusuf 12: 92)

After that Yusuf (As) invited his brothers to bring the father and members of family to Egypt. The brothers came to Egypt along with the parents. Yusuf (As) accorded honourable reception to them. They began to live amicably. Yusuf (As) breathed his last at the age of one hundred and ten years.