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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Hazrat Aiyub (As)

Hazrat Aiyub (As) was a famous Prophet. He was owner of vast wealth. Allah almighty wanted to test his Iman and patience. All the items of his wealthhouses, build ings, gardents all of them died. Despite all these, he did not lose patience. He continued to be devoted to Ibadat as before. At last his body got wounded, ulcerated. Meat from the boky was rotting and becoming decomposed. His body was attached by worm. His villagers asked him to leallve their village. Relatives left him alone. Only companion left was the chaste lady, his wife Rahima. She continued to nurse him. In the face of the panic and neglect of lthe villagers, Bibi food, drink and other necessary things by wages earned from labour. Seven years and other necessary things by wages earned from labour. Seven years and a few months elapsed in this way. Liyub (As) used to devote himself in the remembrance of Allah with a contented heart enduring all sorrows and difficulties. It is for this reason that Allah says about him, Trully we found him full of patience and constancy, how excellent in our service Ever did he turn to us! (Sad 38:44).

Afflicated by disease, Hazrat Aliyub at once stage supplicated in a sad voice to Allah for recovery. Allah says in the Holy Quran-

And remember Aliyub, when he carried to his Lord, truly distress has seized me but you are the Most Merciful of those that are merciful. (Ambiya 21:83)

Allah Almighty accepted his prayer. He commanded him to strike the earth with his leg. Immediately after the strike, water was springing up beside his leg and a well created. Aiyub (As) drank that water and bathed with it. He recovered instantaneously. He became healthy as before, no sign of kisease was left. Allah returned to him all his lost wealth. Hazxrat Aiyub (As) started afresh propagating the Deen of Allah. He lived long after recovery.