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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Hazrat Ismail (As)

Hazrat Ismail (As) was a son of the great Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim (As). The name of his mother of his mother was Bibi hagar. Ismail (As) was born when the age of Hazrat Ibrahim (As) was eighty-six years.

Allah be glorified! He commandede Ibrahim (As) to send Hajita with her boy baby into exile. So he sent her into exile in the deserted Makka valley. Only some date and a leather box of water were left with them as provision.

The date and left by Hazrat Ibrahim (As) was finished. Hajira and baby Ismail were in aggrieved state due to hunger and thirst. The baby Ismail was about to die to thirst. Seeing this the mother Hajira began running in a bewildered manner between Safa and Marwa Mountains in search of water. Meanwhile Baby Ismail was throwing his hands and legs continuously. All on a sudden water sprang up from beside his legs. Mother Hajira was created at it and saved her baby’s life by making him drink water. She expressed her gratitude to Allah. Supernaturally a well was created from that place. Its name is the well of Zamzam. People from different places began to flock there because of the availability of water. People were setting all around.

Hazrat Ibrahim (As) used to come occaisionally from distant Syria to see Hajira and his son Ismail. On one such occasion, he informed Ismail that Allah has commanded him to sacrifice Ismail in the way of Allah. Now what is his view? Ismail at that time was a boy of thirteen years. Ismail sasid, O my father! I shall abide by all your directives. You fulfil the command of Allah. Ibrahim let Ismail lie on the ground and started to operate a knife on his throat. Supernaturally la dumba (sheep) was sacrificed and Ismail remained alive. The custom of animal sacrifice started from that date. Allah Almighty has an account of the sacrifice of Ismail in the Holy Quran

Meanning: then when the son reached (the age of ) work with him he said, O my son I see in vision that offer you in sacrifice, now see what is your view. The son said O my father do as you are commanded, you will find me, if Allah so will, one practicing patience (Saffat 37:102)

Ismail was of high dihnity. Allah gave him the title of fulfiller of promise. It is narrated that ones he promised to a man that he would wait for the man till he comes to a fised place. But the man failed to turn up yet Hazrat Ismail (As) continued to wait for him at that place for there days.

The offspring of Hazrat Ismail (As) spread in different areas. The famous Quraish tribe was of his lineage. Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) was born in the lineage of Hazrat Ismail (As).

Hazrat Ismail (As) breathed his last in Makka at the age of one hundred and thirty sis years.