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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Hazrat Shah Jalal (R)

The world famous saint Hazrat Shah Jalal (R) was born in Yemen in 595 hijri. /1198 AD. His father’s name was Muhammad. At his early age he attained deep knowledge and scholarship in the Quran, fhadith, Fiqh and other Islamic subjects and then he attained a very high place in the spiritual adoration.

He came to India to preach Islam and in 703 Hijri/1304 A.D. he started from Delhi and arrived at Sylhet and sttled there. A large number of nonmuslims were converted to Islam at his hand.

There is a story in the history about Hazrat Shah Jalal (R)’s arrival in Sylhet. There was a tyrant Hindu king, gour gobinda who was ruling in the Sylhet rehion at that time. He used to oppress and torture the Muslim tenants inhumanly. Even sacrificing cows for the Muslims was strictly prohibited. If anyone slaughtered a cow secretly on the occasion of his son’s Aqiqa and a kite had taken a piece of cow’s beef and dropped it in front of gour Goinda’s palace.

Gour Gobinda became very angry and with the help of a spy identified Burhanuddin and brought him to Gobinda. Gour Gobinda cut down one hand of Burhanuddin and in spite of his heart-rending cry to forgive his innocent son, Gour Gobinda killed the infact, Shaikh Burhanuddin went to Delhi and took the matter to Emperor Feroz shah and appealed for justice against the inhuman torture and oppression of tyrant Gour Gobinda. On hearing all these things the Emperor sent Sekander Ghazi tired three times and being defeated to the magic of Gour Gobinda, returned to Delhi along with his army. On the way Sekandar Ghazi met Hazrat Shah Jalal (R).

With the inspiration of Hazrat Shah Jalal, Sekander Ghazi again advanced to fight against Gour Gobinda. This time Gour Gobinda threw fire-food magic but he was superised to see that all of hos efforts remained useless and went to the devil. At last Gour Gobinda fled away alohg with his people.

Sylhet came at the hand of the Muslims. Appointing Sekander Shah the ruler of the newly conquered land Hazrat Shah Jalal (R). devoted himself along with his devotees to the preaching of Islam. He used to keep fasting throughout the year excepting the prohibited days and spent the whole night in the prayer. He loved the poor and distressed people. Islam spread extensively in Bengal and Assam with his and his saint followers’ endeavour and the Muslims were saved from tyranny and destruction. Hezarat Shah Jalal (R) dedicated whole of his life for the cause of Islam. Everybody, irrespective of Muslim and non-Muslim respects and reveres him till today. He died at the age of 150 in 740 Hijri./1344 A.D. his Mazar and Dargah (Tomb) is situated in Sylhet, where thousands of devotees go for ziyarat (to pay homage and get blessings) everyday.

Hazrat Shah Jalal (R) was a world famous saint and a Mujahid (fighter) for the cause of Islam. We shall follow his ideal of supreme sacrifice for the preaching and establishment of Islam.