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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Hazrat Abdul Qadit Jilani (R)

Hazrat abdul Qadir Jilani (R) was born in the city of jilan of Iran in the month of ramadean in 470 Hijri. His title was ghawasul Azam, Muhiududdin, Kutub-i-Rabbani etc. his father’s name was Abu Salih Musa and mother was ummul khair Fatima. He was a descendant of the Prophet (SM) both from paternal and maternal sides. From his very boyhood he was mild, gentle and devoted to knowledge. He had an extraordinary y talent. In his boyhood he memorized the whole of the Quran. After the completion of preliminary education, he went to Babhdad for higher education. His mother gave him 40 gold coins hidden under his shirt and advised him not to tell a lie under any circumstances. On the way he along he along with his fellow travelers had been Jilani (R) as adviced by his mother not only saved him along with his fellow travelers, but also the entire group of dacoits being charmed and repenting for their past deed gave up dacoity for ever and become real Muslims.

Hazrat Abduol Qadir Jilani (R) was admitted into famous Nizamiya Madrasah. Here, he attained extra ordinary scholarship in different branches of Islamic sciences. At Baghadad he had to bear unbearable hardship. Even sometimes having leaves of the tree as food. Yet he continued his study there.

With the completion of his study he started teaching there. Learned men and students from different parts of the world used to rush to hom in quest of knowledge. He used to teach as a teacher at the same time he used to deliver waz religions and spiritual advice and guidance. In his wazMahfil (religious gatherings) huge number of people used to gather and listen to him atte4ntively. And with his sweet and attractive deliberations thousands of people were converted to Islam and Muslims turned into real Muslims. He used to spend the whole day in importing teaching and religions oration and the whole night in Ibadat (adoration of Allah). He used to delver religious and spiritual advices on Friday morning and Monday evening in his Madtasah and on Sunday and humanitarian. He used to love the distressed and poor people and help them as much as possible.
When a famine broke out a Baghdad, he even donated his pocket money to the distressed, hungry, himself some time hungry. He led a very simple life. He did not like any kind of pomp and luxury. He is regarded as the treatment of the saints. Hence, he called Ghasul A zam or the great saint (Pir). Hazrat Abdul Qadir jilani (R) died at the age of 90 on the 11th Rabius Sani 561 Hizri.

We shall grow up our life following the ideals of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (R). we shall always speak the truth and shall be ready for any sacrifice for the cause of learning and education and shall serve the distressed people.