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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Hazrat Salih (A)

Thousand of years ago, there was a nation in this world named Samud. Allah sent a Prophet to invite them to the right path. His name was Salih (A). he invited people to believe in Allah, the one and Alone. Allah says: “ I sent to the Thamud people of their brethren, Salih.”

Hazrat Salih (A) adviceed his people to worship Allah, the one and said: there is no god but Allah.” They did not respond to his call, rather they mocked and laughed at him. And out of mockery they said: “if you are a true Pr5ophet then prove it with showintg us miracles.” Hazrat Salih (A) asked : “What type of miracle do you want? Showing him a mountain they said: “Bring out a shecamel from this mountain which wilol give birth to an offspiring and give milk.” Hazrat Salih (A) said ,”Yes I shall do that but on condition that you will not disturb her, otherwise you will be punished by Allah. “ However, Hazrat Salih prayed to Allah and within a moment a horrible sound occurred and a shecamel came out from within the big stone and it gave birth to a kid forthwith. The shecamel began to give milk. Every body was surprised to look at this. But after a few days some unbelievers got together and defying the advice of Haztat Salih (A) killed the she-camel.

Hazrat salih (A) became disappointed and saddened at this occurrence and said to the disbelievers that the punishment would be coming within three days for this offense. And it happened so that on the third day of the occurrence Hazrat jibrail (A) was sent to that area and gave such a loud shout that all the unbelievers were stunned on their respective spots.

Hazrat Salih (A) went to Syria after this occurrence and began to preach the religion of Allah there. And then he died there.

The community of Hazrat Salih (A) was destroyed because of defying the command of Afllah and of His Prophet. We shall be able to tell about the life sketch of Hazrat Salih (A). we shall never defy any command of Allah and of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SM). We shall abide by thire commandments and prohibitions faithfully and sincerely.