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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Hazrat nuh (A)

Hazrat Nkluh (A) was a Prophet of Allah. He invited people to the path of Allah for long nine hundred and fifty years. He advised oeioke ti di giid and not to do evil and worng. But durng this long time of preaching, only forth men and forty women accepted Islam and the rest of all the others remained nonbelievers.

Hazrat Nuh (A) used to preach the invitation of Iman to everybody moving from door to door. But they used to cut joke with him and torture him in different ways. Bearing all these troubles and hardships he continued his invitation to the right path, the path of Allah. At last he became disheared and prayed to destroy the unbelievers. Allah asked Hazrat Nuh (A) to make a boat and to get in it when the deluge will occur to destroy the unbelievers as punishment. Accordingly Hazrat Nuh (A) made a large boat, seeing it the unbelievers started cutting more jokes to Nuh (A) and made it polluted. When the deluge appeared, Allah asked Nuh (A) to get in the boat with one pair of all kind of all kinds of animals. Hazrat Nuh (A) asked his followers to get in to the boat and said, “the boat will go on with the name of Allah and will stop with his name. verily my lord is Most Gracious and Most Merciful. The boat stared moving like a mountain in the waves.

Both shower and water flowed from the earth and continued for long 40 days. The whole world sank into water. Unbelievers took shelter at the high mountain, but all of them sank and died. Only hazrat Nuh (A) and those who got into the boat remained alive. Even the son of Hazrat Nuh (A) sank and died since he was an unbeliever. Then Hazrat Nuh (A) prayed to Allah for the stoppage of the deluge. Allah accepted his prayer and the deluge stopped and the boat of Hazrat Nuh (A) stopped on a mountain named Judi and all on the boat got down. The world became green as it was. Then Hazrat Nuh (A) began preaching the religion of Allah again in full swing. But few days after the deluge he died.

Since Hazrat Nuh (A0 recultivated the human habitation after the full destruction and deluge of the whole world, he is regarded as the second Adom.

Hazrat Nuh (A) in spite of many obstacles and preventions continued to preach the religion of Allah and invited people to the path of truth with patience and love for the humanity.

We shall in our life follow the principles of remaining firm on the religion of Allah, the path of truth, justice and human betterment under any circumstances.