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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Hazrat Abu Bakr (R)

Hazrat Abu Bakr was the most beloved compainion of our beloved Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (SM). He was born in the Quraish family of Makka in 573 A.D. his father’s name was Abu Quhafa uthman and mother was ummul khair Salma. His parents were converted to Islam at the hand of the Prophet (SM). He possessed amiable and nice character from his boyhood. He was well known as a learned man with polished behaviour. After the completion of education he stared his traditional profession business. Being contemporary of the Prophet (SM) Hazrat Abu Bakr had deep friendship with him. That is why even before the Prophethood of rthe Prophet (SM) Abu Bakar would believe each and every wording of the prophet (SM).

Once Hazrat Abu Bakr (R) went to Yemen for business. On his return to Makka he heard that Muhammad (SM) had obtained Prophethood and was preaching the religion of the oneness of Allah. Hazrat Abu straightly went to the Prophet (SM) and accepted Islam. Because of Preaching Islam Makkan people started inmity with the pProphet (SM). When the Prophet (SM) would go to the war, Hazrat abu Bakr used to when the makkan unbelievers wanted to kill the Prophet (SM).

Hazrat Abu Bakr (R) sacrificed everything for the cause of preaching Islam. And with his endeavour great personalities like hazrat Abdur Rahman, Hazrat said Ibn Abi Waqqas were converted to Islam. Unbeliever lords used to give severe punishment and torture to their Muslim slaves. Hazrat abu Bakr felling thfeir hardship and sufferings would release the slaves with his own money. Thus, he released a number of slaves like hazrat BIlal (R) from the clutches of unbelievers, hoards. At the time of lthe battle of Tabuk Hazrat Abu Bakr place all of his wealth before the prophet (SM). The prophet (SM) asked, what have yuou left at your house ? Allah and His Prophet he replied.

After the demise of the Prophet (SM) Hazrat Abu Bakr (R) was elected the caliph of the Islamic state. At that time some problems arose. Some people claimed false Prophethood, some one denied to pay zakat and some one left Islam. Hazrat Abu Bakr solved all these problems with a very strong hand and reestablished peace and tranpuility. He excluded the administration of the country following the very ideas of the Prophet (SM). During his caliphate the battle of Yamama took place in 633 AD. A number of Hafiz-e-Quran (those who memorized the Quran) accepted martyrdom. After this, fearing the danger of the Quran Hazrat Abu Bakr ordered to collect and preserve the holy Quran. At that time there was neither paper as today nor printing press. Hence the companions of the Prophet (SM) wrote the verses of the Quran in the bark of the tree, bone and leather. Hazrat Abu Bakr collecsted them all, composed them in one copy and deposited it at the custody of the wife of the Prophet (SM), Hazrat Hafsa (R). For all these great deeds Hazrat Abu Bakr is called the saviour of Islam.
Hazrat abu bakr was a simple man. He did not like luxurious life. He was learned. Virtuous and charitable. He would like more and more and more to serve the people. Hazrat Abu Bakr contribution to Islam was incomparable. He has sacrificed everything for the caude of Islam. That is why the Prophet (SM) said: Abu Bakr helped me more than all with with his ability and wealth. He died on 23 august, 634 AD.

Hazrat Abu Bakr was an ideal with his service for Islam, charity and a firm excellent character, which can be followed by all. Many problems may be solved following his ideas in the present world. We shall follow the ideas of Hazrat Abu Bakr (R).


M.Mazhar Rathore said...

Could you kindly quote the historical authority how and when Abu Bakr (R) coverted to Islam?