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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Hazrat adam (A)

Allah expressed his desire to the angels to create his Khalifa. Vicegerent in the world. They politely grued. Saying: O lord, do you like to create such a creation as may create distrurbance and shed blood? Whereas we are enough to express and spread your holiness and dighinity. He then declared. I know what ye know not “Sura Bafqara: 30”. Allah created Adom with great desire, that is, to adore Him, to aide by His commandments and to implement His rules and regulations in this world. He says: “ I have created and men only that may serve me. “ (jariat: 56). Thus, the first man on earth and the first prophet is hazrat adam (A) with mud and gave it a shape and gave (soul) life in it. Allah bestowed upon Alom huse knowledge and because of having knowledge he has been declared best of the creations. And then Allah asked the Angels to bow down their heads to Adam (A) with sijda as a symbol of respedt. All of them did so, expect Iblis. He argued before Allah: “you have created Adam with mud and me with fire, so I am superior to him. I shall not show respedt to him.” He (Iblis) showed preide. But allah does not like pride. He became cursed and Satan.

Allah placed Adom (A) in the heaven and for him gave varieties of foods, fruites, comfort and declight,. But Adam was alone. He was not feeling well because of being alone. Allah created a companion for him. Her name was Hawa (A). then Allah said : Both of you be in the heaven and eat and drink whatever you want. Allah showed them a tree and said: “don’t approach to that tree, otherwise, you will suffer loss, Allah has driven Iblis out of the heaven for not showing respect to Adam (A) ,hence he could not tolerate the happiness of Adam (A) and became an enemy of Adam. And played a trick with Adam (A) and made him forgotten the order of Allah. Adam and Hawa approached the forbidden tree and ate the fruits. That is why were asked to leave the heaven and were to the earth.

Adam and Hawa could realize the wrong done by them, repented for their offense and prayed to Allah for forgiveness. At last Allah, the merciful forgave them and prayed to Allah for fotgiveness. At last Allah, the merciful fotgave them and asked them to live in worldly life. Allah also in formed them that if they led their lives in this world according to the will of Allah, they will get back the heaven after death.

We are the descendants of Adam and Hawa (A). adam (A) committing wrong repented and sought forgiveness to Allah, the Almightly. We, too if when commit any wrong shall repent and seek forgiveness to Allah forthwith and shall follow his ideas.

Iblis, because of his pride and vanity had been driven out from the heaven. We shall never show pride and vanity.