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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Sunnat (obligatories) of Salat :

The Prophet (Sm) apart from Farz and wajib used to perform some other things. These are called Sunnat. The Prophet (Sm) did not give so much stress for these activities as he did for farz and Wajib. Hence, there is no need for Sahu Sijda if any of these activities is dropped. Yet these should be performed, because the Prophet (Sm) himself did these and asked others to do so.

There are twenty one Sunnats in Salat. These are:

1. Raising hands up to the ears for man, up to the neck for women at the time of saying Takbir Tahrima.

2. To make open the two hands, facing the Qibla at the times of saying Takbir.

3. To place right hand on the left hand after niyyat and place them over the navel for men and over the shest for the woman.

4. Not to bow down head at the time of saying Takbir Tahrima.

5. To say Takbir loudly for the Iman (on the part of the Iman)

6. To recite Suna.

7. To recite Akujubillah.

8. To add Bismillah before Fatiha in every Rakat.

9. To recite Sura Fatiha only in the third and fourth Rakat of Farz Salat.

10. To say ‘Amin’ After Fatiha.

11. To utter Sana, ‘Aujubillah’ and ‘Amin’ silently.

12. To follow Sunnat Tariqa in the Qirat.

13. To recite Tasbih at lest three times both in Ruku and Sijda.

14. To make the head and waist straight during Ruku and to catch both the knees with the fingers of both the hands.

15. To say ‘Samiallahu liman hamida’ on the part of the Iman and ‘Rabbana lakal hamd’ on the part of the Muptadi at the standing position rising from ruku.

16. To put the knees first, then two hands, then the nose and last of all the forehead while going to Sijda.

17. To spread out the left leg and to sit on it the time of sitting.

18. To hint with the Shahadat finger while saying “La ilaha” in Tashahhud.

19. To recite darud in the last sitting.

20. To recite Dua Masura or fany other Dua like thes agter Darud.

21. To say Salam to the right side first and to the ligt.