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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Haztat Umar Faruk (R)

The great hero and great warrior, Hazrazt Faruk was the second Caliph of the Muslim world. He was born in the Quraish family of Makka in 583 A.D. he was called Abu Hafs. The name of his father was Khattab and mother Hantam. At his boyhood Umar earned name and fame for his learning and virtues. At his adult age he was a businessman. He was a good charactered , a famous wrestler, a brave warrior, poet and a good orator.

When the Prophet (SM) with the command of Allah started saying against the worship of idols the selfish Quraish people became his awful enemies. Even they declared prize to kill him. Hearing this declaration Umar started running with an open sword to kill the Prophet (SM). On the way someone asked, umar where are you going? He replied with anger. To kill Muhammad (SM). The man said ,”you are going to kill Muhammad, whereas your sister along with her husband have already been converted to Islam. Umar felt insulted and became more angry. He then straightly went to his sister’s house. And before entering into the house heard a very sweet voice of the recitation of the Holy Quran. He entered into the house and beat and assaulted both his sister and her husband. But seeing the bloodshed in their whole bodies his mind softened and became mild and asked them. What were you reciting his sister said the Quran umar then said let me see the sister said no one can touch it with unholy impure body when umar made him clean the sister gave him the verses of the quran to umar read him clean the sister gave him the verses of the Quran to read. Umar read the verses the messages of Allah, became emotional and said where is the Prophet (SM), accepted Islam and expressed the determination to perform Salat publicy before the kaba. The prophet (SM) became pleased upon Umar (R) and gave him the title Faruq (one who distinguished between the right and the wrong.)

After the demese of Hazrat abu bakr ® Hazrat (R) was elected caliph in 634. Islamic state expanded much during his caliphate. Rome, Persia, Syria, Egypt and Palesine had been conquered during his Caliphate.

Hazrat Umar (R) would execute the administration of the country according to the messages of Allah and ideas of His Prophet (SM). He would see everybody equal in the eyes of the law. He had given severe punishment to his own son Abu Shahama for the offence of drinking. There was no want or dearth in the state during his caliphate. He used to enquire anout the condition of the people walking around the quarters at dead of night. As he was very strong in executing law at the time, he was very mild to remove the sufferings of the people. At one night hearing the hungry cry of some children he himself crried a bag of the flour on his own shoulder and reached he himself carried a bag of the flour on his own shoulder and reached upto their house. While going to jeruzalem, he by rotation walked on foot making his servant ridden on the camel. He was very pious and afraid of Allah. He had never been afraid of anyone else but Allah, the Almighty. He introduced Hijri year. Agriculture sector progressed much during his time.

Though the rules of the whole world were always trembling being afraid of Hazrat Umar yet he used lead a very simple and ordinary life like a poor man. He had no security guard. He used to take very simple food according to his ability and used to be involved in almost round the lock at the services of the people. He had founded numerous mosques, bridges, hospitals, roads and high ways and schools for the betterment of the people. He excavated many canals for the same purpose. He used to spend most of the times in Ibadat and recitation of the Holy Quran.

One day whin Hazrat Umar was leading Fajar salat a non-believer name Abu Lulu hit him with a sword and with a sword and with this he died. He was 63 years old at the time of death. Hazrat Umar is an ideas for the whole mankind of the world for his justice, devotion to the well being of the subjects, excellent in administration and simples life. Many problems of the present world may easily be solved following his ideas.

We shall be able to narrate the ideas of Hazrat Umar and shall be associated with his ideas.