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Please Tell Your Friends About islam

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)


Spreading others faults and scandals and speaking ill of others behind their back are called slander. Slander means blaming or defaming someone. Slander creates enmity among people and destroys peace in society. He who speaks ill of others is believed by none and nobody loves him. Speaking ill of one to others destroys mutual relationship and creates disputes. As slandering is a hateful act in society, it is considered a hateful act to Allah also. Allah, the Great, has seriously prohibited this saying: “Do not go to find fault with others”. About the consequence of slander the great Prophet (Sm) says: “Slanderer will not be placed in heaven” (Bulhari and Muslim). He also says: “Do not go to find fault with others, do not spy on others, do not quarrel among yourselves, do not cherish envy and malice for others. Try to become a real servant of Allah and be brothers to one another.” (Bulhari and Muslim)

One day, getting on the ‘Mimber’, the Prophet (Sm) spoke loudly: “Oh people! Among you there are some persons, who have accepted Islam orally but it has not entered into their hearts. You do not inflict pain on any Muslim. Do not speak ill of them and do not go to find fault with them. Because Allah will search out the faults of that person who goes to find faults He detects even if he stays in his own house.”