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Please Tell Your Friends About islam

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

We live in society. In a society respect, sympathy, good relationship and love towards others make social life peaceful and pleasant. On the other hand, envy, malice and quarrels among us make life poisonous. For this, our social life becomes miserable. Of the bad aspects of human character, envy and malice are the most harmful. Pride, jealousy, ill-will, to do harm to wthers, enmity are intermingled with envy and malice. Thinking one’s ownself to be great and hating others are called envy and malice.

An envious person cannot tolerate any good of other people. This type of behavior is quite cannot tolerate any good people. This type of behaviour is quite contradictory to Islam. The great Prophet (Sm) says : “Good wishes and good will among one another is deen.” A malignant person always behaves against this great preaching and destroys the main spirit of Islam.
Giving warning against this great preaching of malice and envy the Prophet (Sm) “Beacause of envy. Because envy devours your good deeds as fire devour dry timber.” (Abu Dawood). From this Hadith of the Prophet (Sm) it can be realized how much harmful envy and malice is for Deen Islam. The Prophet (Sm) also says: “The destructive diseases of your forefathers, hatred and envy are crawling to wards you. I am not talking about shaning hair, I am talking about the destruction of your Deen.” (Ahamd and Tirmizy)

Quarrel and Dispute

Islam is a peaceful, disciplined system of life. In Islam, there are unity, fraternity, equality, friendship, generosity and tolerance. There is no room for disturbance, disorder and dispute or quarrel in Islam. In rules and regulations customs and rituals of Islam, there exist the teachings of discipline. In the performing of salat in jamat strict discipline is taught. People have to stand behind the Iman in rows. In ruku and Sijdah, in getting up and sitting down they have to follow the Iman. From this, we get the getting up and sitting down they have to follow the leader. There is no disorder in the creation of Allah. In the domain of nature there prevails strict discipline in all spheres of life. Almighty Allah says: “Do not create disorderly situation in this disciplined word.” (Sura Al-A’raf: 52) He Also says: “Don’t create disorder in the world, suresy Allah does not like the people who create disorder.” (Sura Al-Qasas:77)

We can realize from the following small verse (Ayat) of the Holy Quran how disgraceful quarrel, dispute and indiscipline are. Almighty Allah says: “Disputes and quarrels are more disgraceful than murder.” (Sura Al-Baqara:191)

Ideal story

Prosperity or downfall of a nation depends on its maintaining law, order and discipline. The Muslim had to pay heavily in the war of Uhud for breaking discipline. Rasul (Sm) engaged a platoon of archers numbering fifty In themountain pass of Uhud the command of Abdullah ‘ibnZubair (R).They were ordered not to leave the mountain pass unprotected. But the archers lift the mountain pass thinking that they had won the battle. They did not abide by the order of their seader. Seeing the mountain pass unprotected the Kafir commander-in-chief attacked them from behind. The fling Kafirs also turned round. At this.the curse of the battle took the opposite turn. In that battle, the Muslims were not pay for breaking the discipline. A lot of Sahabis lost their lives.

We must dissuade ourselves from creating all types of quarrels, disputes and disorders. We must also try to dissuade others from doing these. We will settse all types of quarrels that arise in society. We must stand against all types of destructive, harmful and evil endeavours in society.

We must keep ourselves free from all these vices. We must build a decent and orderly society.