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Please Tell Your Friends About islam

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)


We have a tendency to discuss the faults of others. In absence of one, we do scandalling and geebat of one. To speak ill of one in one’s absence is called ‘geebat’. That is, to speak such ill of other in his absence sa he may be hurt if he hears it.

Man is a social being. To live peacefully in society we must have some good qualities, such as having love, respect, sympathy and kindness for one another. But speaking ill of others, speeding slander jealousy and mail etc. are bad qualities. They destroy the peaseful environment of our society.


We often sit idele. We do not have any work to do. At that time we criticize others unnecessarily. We speak ill of others. We discuss the faults of others those who are good people express the merits of others, not their demerits. Those who are bad themselves think that others are bad too. They do not see the virtues of others and always try to find faults with them and speak ill of them.

Bad effect:

As geebat destroys social peace, so it is harm (prophibited) in the Islamic Sharit. As per Islamic teachings, to eat the flesh of own deed brother is heinous. Like this, geebat is a heinous and hateful act. In this respect, Allah says: “Do not do geebat to others. Do anyone of you like to eat the flesh of your dead brother? No. you do not.” (Al-Hujurat:12)