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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)


Modesty means being polite in nature. It also means being solder in dress, conversation, mannered and in behavior. It also means that one should be polite, good mannered en his personal and social life. Modesty is that kind of behavior which reflects one’s good taste and refinement. One of the aims of the Islamic teachings is to build someone as a purifid person.

The importance of modest dressing, polite and decent behavior cannot be exaggerated in building a happy, peaceful and beautiful society. Indecent clothes and behavior arouse bestial instinct in human beings and incite one’s nasty lust. Various types of sins are committed. To get rid of immodesty and dirty situations. Allah has instructed in Ayats 30-31 of sura Nur of the Holy Quran that both male and female should control their lust and desire. He said that they must conceal the private parts of their bodies very carefully. Women should control themselves and protect their secret lims. They should not try to expose their beauty beyond what is natural and should not go infront of men outside their family ties, wearing ornaments and gorgeous dress.

Verses 33 and 59 of Sura Ahazab clearly speak of women’s maintaining modest behaviour. Women should be aware of there outer garments and they must not dress immodestly. These instructions are imposed to protect women from adultery, torture and anarchy prevailing in society coming down from the pre-Islamic days. Even today those situations are more widely prevalent. If our women abide by the rules and regulations of the Holy Quran and the Hadith, their honour and prestige will be protected.

Girls should not roam about outside their houses without any necessity. If they have to go out, they should be very careful. Their dresses, ornaments and beauty should not arouse lust of men. It means that while going out, women and girls should not dress in such a way as that exposes their beauty to allure men. Allah says about this: “You (women) stay inside your own houses and do not go outside wearing dress of the women of the pre-Islam era.” (Sura Al-Ahjab: 33)