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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

The scientific study that helps human beings to acquire the knowledge about Almighty Allah, the Creator, side by side the knowledge of self-rectification is called Tasawuf. The person who cul;tivates Tasawuf and practices it in his practical life is kknown as ‘Sufi’. According to one view, the world ‘Sufi’ came from the world ‘Souf’. The world ‘Souf’ means wool. Woolen clothes were very favorite to the religious preachers and worshippers of the ascient times. During the period of Prophet Muhammad (Sm) his devoted followers also used to were woolen clothes. From another point of view, the wored ‘Sufi’ came from the world ‘Soff’ which means ‘class’ or ‘grede’. Those who have deep faith in and profound love for Allah achieve the highest place near Allah. They succeed in doing this by performing spiritual endeavor and activities with proper iba’dat and submission to Allah for getting his pleasure. They are the Sufis. During the time of Prophet Muhammad (Sm) they used to stay in the veranda of Masjid-e-Nababi and made endeavor and prayed to Allah. So they were called As-habe Suffa or the inhabitants of the veranda. According to another opinion, the world ‘Suffi’ is originated of the world ‘Safa’ which means purity or sancity. Those who have made themselves free from all types of sins and dirtiness and have acquired perfect purity are called the Sufis. The desired goal of practicing Sufism is to develop ideal character by rectifying the soul. So it is more logical that the world ‘Sufi’ came from the Arabic world ‘Safa’. Because the Sufis are always devoted to the endeavor of purifying the soul. So it is impossible to elevate oneself in the highest stahe of Tasawuf without Tazkia-e-Nafs or rectification of the soul. In fact, by analyzing all the opinions regarding the origin of the world ‘sufi’ it becomes clear that Tasawuf is such system of knowledge and activity that enables a person to have a sacred soul and reach nearness to Allah. At this stage the attributes of Allah are expressed in him.

With the help of Ilme Tasawuf or knowledhe of self-rectification a person acquires the attributes of Ashraful Makhluqat by getting informationh regarding the creator and His creations. And in this way he/she can rectify himself/herself and reach nearness to Allah. In fact, the study that helps a person to build the best character, shows him/her the way to communicate with Allah through the knowledge regarding Him and that helps him/her to lead a peaceful life by abiding the laws of the almighty and His Prophet (Sm) is called Tasawuf. Sometimes Ilme Tasawuf is regarded as Ilmul Qalb, Ilme Mukashafa, Ilme ladunni wtc.

Self-rectification means rectifying one’s ownself and keeping one’s ownself pure and free from vices. In the technical language of Islam, self-rectification means keeping one’s ownself free from all tyoes of sins, crimes and non-Islamic activities. It also means correcting one’s ownself.

If you follow the path of vice and evil thing, your soul will become polluted. If you lead a good life and do good deeds, your soul will remain holy, unpolluted and clean. The Almighty Allah says: “By no means! But on their hearts is the stain of the ill (Sin) which they do!” (Sura Al-Mutaffifin: 14) Allah Also says: “The person who keeps his/her soul pure, attains success. And the person who pollutes his/her soul, is destroyed.” (Sura Ash- Sams: 9-10)

In fact, a person can attain real virtues easily by practicing Tasawuf. By the help of it, a person can acquire the human qualities to get the real dignity of man and pleasure of Allah and have clear idea about the technique of acquiring those qualities.

Shariat is the guideline of Islam for external behavior and conduct of man, and Ilme Tasawuf is a great vital force in Islam, and internal vigour of Islam is originated from Tasawuf.