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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

A seties of topics are presented below relating to Akhlaq-e-Zameemah or denounceable behaviour and bad character.


In Islamic point of view, cheating is a most heinous act ahainst humanity. It is equivalent to lying. Cheating is as denounceable as lying. It is an anti-social crime. The Prophet (Sm) says about this: “The person who cheats does not beling to our (Muslim) community)”.

In Islam, there are clear principles and provisions about business and trade. It is clearly stated in Islam that whatever you do in life there is no scope of deception and cheating. Islam never admits the micing of truth with falsehood. It is declared in the Holy Quran: “You do not mix falsehood with and do not conceal facts knowing.” (Sura Al-Baqara: 42). The Prophet (Sm) says about concealing adulteration of goods: “The man who sells adulterated goods and does not tell the buyer about it, will always be hated by Allah and the angels will always curse him.” He will not be excused on the ground that the buyer saw the commodity and bought it. Because it was his duty to inform the buyer of the pros and cons of his commodity. By concealing the fault of the thing he has got continuous hatred of Allah and continuous curse of the angels. In fact, earnings procured by deception are Haram (impure) and the body built with food earned by Haram earning will be thrown in hell. On the contry, one can win this satisfaction of Allah by doing honest business. Honourable place in heaven can be achieved by this. About it the Prophet (SM) says: “Trustworthy, truthful Muslim traders will be with the martyrs in the day lof the final judgement.” On the contry, cheating is the habit of the Munafiqs. And the Munafiqs will be placed in the lowest stage of hell. As the cheat is cused by Allah, he has no honourable p;ace in society. Nobody believes and loves him.

Cheating is fully contradictory to leading Islamic life with Taqwa. A Muttaqi can never adopt the means of deception. We also should try to be free from all types of deception and promise to live a life full of Taqwa.