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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Cleanliness means being clean, neat and pure. And cleanliness of body, mind and place maintained through some special procedures is called Taharat or purity.

For performing the most important iba’dat, salat, it is essential that the body, dress and place be clean. Cleanliness or purity is part of Iman. Allah is pure (holy). He likes purity and cleanliness. Those who keep themselves it is said in the Holy Quran: “Allah loves those who are holy.”
We do various types of work. Our hands, feet , body and clothes become dirty and dusty. Our body sweats and produces unpleasant smell. People hate it. We eat through the mouth, then the teeth get dirty. If we do not clean our mouth. People dislike it and teeth fall out before due time. To keep our teeth clean we should brush them before our ablutions. The Prophet (Sm) says: “I would order my followers to brush their teeth before ablutions if was not troublesome to them”. Some people keep their nails and hair long. These look ugly, If the nail is long, it contains dirt and that goes into the stomach with food and causes indigestion. So nails should be cut and kept clean. Hair should be kept tidy. One day seeing a man with untidy hair the Prophet (Sm) said: didn’t this man get anything to make his hair tidy.? Some people do not make themselves clean properly after, coming out of the lavatory and urinal. Various type of diseases attack the body of it is kept unclean and dirty. The body should be cleaned properly after excretion. Taking b;th once and performing ablutions five times a day, make the body clean and pure. These make the mind fresh and jolly. People get inspired to do work.


We do various types of work. Our clothes get dirty. If these dirty clothes are worn, the body becomes sick. Various types of diseases attack. Also you cannot be in good mood while you are in dirty dress. People dislike dirty dresses. Giving instructions to keep dress clean, Allah says: “Keep your dresses clean and neat.” (Sura Al Mudassir:4)

The Prophet (Sm) always used to were clean clothes. Keeping the clothes is as important as keeping the body clean. Salat cannot be performed with unclean body, so it cannot also be done wearing clothes.


We keep our classroom, school compounds, houses, roads, play grounds dirty and unclean. We throw dirty sweepings and rubbish here and there. So we do with cough, saliva or excretion. These make our environment dirty and destroy it. Dirty environment is the depot of so many diseases. It spreads diseases it makes our life miserable. For perfect salt, environment also should be pure like the pure body and pure dress. If the environment is not clean, it becomes impossible to keep our body and dress clean. It is really astonishing that our crowded places like roads, bus stations, railway stations, ferryghats etc. are kept so dirty. At this, at any moment our body and dress can be dirty. The environment is becoming polluted all time from there. If we are conscious about our environment, we can get rid of many diseases.

Water is an import ant element of our environment. Pure water is essential for cleaning the body and clothes. So must take care not to pollute water and make it dirty. We sometimes throw dirt and excretion in the water which people drink and use for cleaning. Do we ever think how harmful and unjust it is? From now we will try to keep our body, clothes and environment pure, clean, neat and unpolluted. We shall not excrete in clean water. We shall not throw dirt in it.