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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)


The world ‘Taqwa’ menas fear of Allah, performing religious activities, self-rectification, avoiding wrong doings and keep oneself away from danger. According to Islam, Taqwa means the way of life in which all types of injustices and sins are avoided for fear of Allah and which is led according to the directions of the Holy Quran and Sunnah. To fear Allah means to obey the orders directions of Allah. The fear of Allah means to obey the orders and directions of Allah. The fear of Allah reflets the idea that He is our Creator and Provider and has given us power to do our work. He observes everything and knows what we have in our mind also. On the day of final judgement, we all have to be accountable to accountable to Him for good and bad actions. We will be rewarded for our good actions and punished for our bad actions. Those who are aware of these, will refrain from committing sins. About this Allah says: “He who is afraid of standing before Allah and deeps himself aloof from doing wrong, will be placed in heaven.” (Sura Anf Naziat: 40-41)

Irrespective of one’s nation, religion, caste and sect one can be termed as a person of good character. But one cannot possess real virtues unless one has Taqwa in one’s heart. Ialamic Akhlaq or real good character is actually a set of good qualities based on Prophet Muhammad’s (Sm) ideal and Islamic education based on Taqwa.


In the Islamic way of life, Taqwa is the origin of all virtues. It is a noble feature of a person’s character. The significance of Taqwa in moulding a good character is unlimited. Almighty Allah knows everything, hears everything, sees everything snd knows what is going on in one’s mind. A person, who believes all these and believes that he will have to be accountable to him for his actions, cannot thing others but he cannot cheat Allah. The Mumin (believer) who cherishes Taqwa in him, cannot be allured and cannot indulge in sin even when he is in a solitary place. Taqwa is the solid fortification of good character. He who cherishes taqwa feels His omnipresence. He cannot commit any sin. Therefore, Taqwa is the basic principle of leading an honest life.
On the other hand, a person devoid of Taqwa cannot be a sincere and honest person. All his/her activities are showy and deceitful in nature. A person can indulge in any sin at any weak moment if he has no Taqwa in him. Allah values Taqwa most. He says: “Among you who have Taqwa most are honoured by Allah most.” (Sura Al-Hujurat:13)

From this lesson we have learn about:
1. The outline, importance and kinds of Akhlaq.
2. The outlione, importance and kinds of Akhalaq.

We will build our character according to the teachings of Islam and will observe Taqwa in all our activities.