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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Truthfulness is one of the virtues originated from Taqwa. It is one of the greatest virtues that we find in a Muttaqi. The Arabic world for truthfulness is person who speaks the truth is called Sadid. Sidq means exposing and expressing facts in their reakity. And the person who speakes the truth is called Dadiq. And to prove andtell something whichhas no extence in reality is called lying.The Arabic world for lying is ‘Kazb’ and a liar is called ‘Kazib’.

speaking the truth is a great virtue. He who speaks the truth is truth is trusted and loved by all. Our great Prophet (Sm) was loved by everybody from his childhood for his truthfulness. Those who tell lies are not trusted and loved by others. Lying is a great sin and it is the root of all evils. “Lying is the root of all sin.” Allah is displeased with the liars.

Influence: Truthfulness brings salvation and success while falsehood leads to kestruction. In this regard, Prophet Muhammad (Sm) says:

“Truthfulness gives emancipation, and falsehood brings destruction.” Emphasizing on truthfulness Prophet Muhammad (Sm) says:
“Be truthful, because truthfulness leads towards the path of virtues and virtues lead towards the path of heaven.”

Once a man came to the Prophet (Sm) and said: “I steal things, I lie and indulge in many other bad activities. It is not possible on my part to give up all the bad habits overnight. So please tell me to give up only one bad thing. The Prophet (Sm) told him to give up lying and the man replied that it was an easy task. Afterwards it was found that as he stopped telling lies,, he could not do any other bad things. Because he thought that he would not be able to tell lies when asked about his bad activities. And if he confessed his bad activities, he would be subject to punishment and he would be ashamed. Thus by stopping telling lies, he got rid of all other sin.