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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Introduction :

The world ‘Akhlaq’ is the plural from of khuluqun. It means behavior, nature or character of a person in general. Akhlaq meand both good character and bad character. The good character is cal;led akhlaq-e-Hameedah and that of bad character is called Akhalaq-e-Zameemah. If the nature of a msn is nice, guiltless and polished as a whole, then it is called Akhalaq-e-Hameedah or good character. The nature or behavior which is parised and accepted in every society as well as liked by Allah’s rasul (Sm) is called Akhlaq-e-Hameedah or praise-worthy character. As for example, Alhlaq-e-Hameedah is characterized by Taqwa and other attributes, originated from taqwa like hanesty, faithfulness as a custodian, keeping decency, Adl (justice), helping the helpless and the distressed, cleanliness, refinement etc. in the terminology of Islam and according to Islamic Shariat, the proper, decent, beneficial and just practice of behaviours and manners relating to mutual rights and duties of men is called Aikhalaq-e-Hameedah. A simple and beautiful nature and good character are called Akhlaq-e-Hameedah.

Akhlaq-e-Hameedah is a fundamental human virtue and the best asset of a person’s life. Without it, all other assets are valueless. The worldly happiness and security of a person depend on thid virtue. Also his/her happiness and security of a person depend on this virtue. Also his/her happiness hereafter and salvation from worldlt sins are dependent on it. The more a man’s nature and character is excellent, the more he does good things and more he is loved by Allah. The Prophet (Sm) says: “good behavior is a virtue.”

Once the Prophet (Sm) was asked: “For which activity will more people enter into heaven?” He said:
“Fear of Allah and good behavior” He further said: “Surely, the thing that will make a believer’s balance more weighty on the day of judgment is good character.”

To be a true believer one should possess good character. In this respect, the A Prophet (Sm) said: “they are the true Mumins who are of good character”

The nature and behaviour which are hated and blamed in every society, such as, telling lies, cheating disturbances in society are called Akhlaq-eZameemah.
Here we will discuss Taqwa, the vital force of good character and some other virtues originated from Taqwa.