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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

1.Death :
The life of Akhirat begins just from death. Any one who was born is sure to die . allah says:
“Every living being has to take the taste of death” (Al-Iman :185). The virtuous people will have less pangs of death than of sinners.

2. The grave:

The period from after death upto the of resueeection (Quyamat) is called the life of grave. Two angels named Munkar will ask three questions in the grave. Even those not buried in graves, will not be excused from being questioned. Questions will be about Rab, deen (rekigion) and the rusul (prophet). Those who abide by orders of Allah and the Prophet (Sm) in this world, will be able to answer these questions. Their graves will be the places of happiness like jannat (the pradise). But those who do not abide by the orders of Allah and the Paradise). But those who do not abide by the orders of Allah and the prophet (Sm) will not be answer them.their graves eill be places of severe pains and sufferings.

3. Qiyamat (the dooms dooms day)
There was a time when there was no universe at all. Almighty Allah has created every thing by dint of Allah’s own power. And there will be a time when human beings will forget Allah. There will be none to utter the name of Allah. Allah will then destroy the whole universe. This destroyed. Even the scientists agree to such consequences of this sun will become lightless, there will be collision among the planets. Satellites and the stars leading to the destruction of the world.

At the next blow of Hazrat Israfil’s (A) horn human beings will rise up from their respective graves and places. This rising up is called Qiyamat. This is also called the resurrection.

4. Hashar
after the resurrection, all human beings will assemble in a huse field (maidan) at the call of an angel. This is called ‘Hashar’ or the great assembly. All will have to answer for their worldly actions standing before Allah in the field of Hashar. Those who had faith (Iman) and did good deeds will receive Allah’s grace and live peacefully. Those who had no faith and did not perform good deeds will face serious pains and sufferings.

the pious will get the cool and soothing shelter under the ‘Arsh’ of Allah. They will not suffer and wait with serene heart for Allah’s orsers. Human beings and jinns will be ab;e to see the accounts and records of their wordly deeds on the day of Hashar. Exact and appropriate trial will begin and Allah will be the judge. The holy prophets and the angels will be the witnesses.

5. Mizan (the scale)
Our virtues and sins will be weighed on the day of ‘Hashar’. The instrument which will be used for measurement is called “Mizan’ (the scale). Those whose scale of virtue will be heavier will be the inhabitants of jahannam (hell)

6. Jannat (heaven)
the term ‘jannat’ means ‘the yard’ or ‘thegarden’. After the short life of the mortal world, the ever-happy and never-ending happy and comfortable place prepared for the believers (the pious) is called the ‘jannat’ (heaven). All arrangements for comfortable living are there in the jannat. Every thing will be available there accorking to one’s choice and desire. In this regared, Allah says: “you will be given everything whatever you desire in the jannat” (Sura Hamim Sijdah: 31)

The mumin (believes) will meet their virtuous parents, spoussw, children and other relatives in jannat. There they will gain a new and eternal kife. It is not possible to describe the peace and happiness of heaven completely. Hadithe-Qudsi states that Allah ssys: “such rewards 8in heaven are ready for my virtuous believers as no eyes have ever seen, no ears have ever heard end no human hearts could even imagine.”

Allah will remain at the centre of all ecstatic pleasures and happiness in heaven. The pious will be able to see Allah and live happily in Allah’s association with everlasting ecstatic peace and serenity. Allah, the Merciful, will be happy with them and they too will be happy by being with Allah.

Who will be the inhabitants of jannat (the heaven)?
Allah the Gracious, says: “the person who is afraid of standing before him for giving accounts of his worldly activities and who is out of the clutches of evil instincts, will go to jannat (heaven).” (Sura Niziat: 40-41)

Names of jannat
In the Quran majid , there is a mention of eight names of jannat, which are as follows:

1. Jannatul Firdaus
2. Darul Maqam
3. Jannatul Mawa
4. Darul qarar
5. Darul Salam
6. Jsnnatul And
7. Darul Nayeem
8. Darul Khuld

7. Jahannam (hell)
Jannat, the abode of ever lasting peace, is there for the beloved pious servants of Allah. On the other hand, jahannam, the place of unending sufferings is also there for those who do not accept Allah as their Lord,do not express their greatfullness to Allah,do not show loyalty to Allah and rather hostile to Allah. Jahannam is also called ‘nar’ (fire) or Dojokh (hell). Jahannm is beset with unending sorrows and sufferings.

There is severe punishment in hell. The siners will repeatedly be burnt in hell. Skin and flesh of the body will be burnt and torn. New skin and flesh will be given to them again so that the sufferings of burning continues. The inhabitants of hess neither die nor be kept alive in hell. That means, they will remain their in a precarious plight. The inhabitants of hell will be downed in a hot blood and in a pus. A thorny and bad smelling plant named ‘Zappum’ will be their food in jahannam. They will be given Hamim (very hot water) to drink when they will be extremely thirsty. They will also be given dirty and stinky water blended with blood and pus. The sinners will be burnt for a never ending duration in hell. The heat of the fire in hiss will be extreme. The great prophet (Sm) said : “the fire of this world is only one of the seventy one parts of the fire in hell”

The sinners, at the time of giving accounts, will humbly request Allah saying : “let us to back to the mortal world again. We will come after performing virtuous activities”. But Allah will not listen to them and they will be thrown into hell.

nobody will be able to escape punishment of hell at the cost of wealth or anything else. Sincere compliance with the prescripts of Allah and leading life following the path shown by the Rasul (Sm) are the only ways to escape severe punishment of hell.

Who will be the inhabitants of jahannam (hell)?
Allah, the merciful, says: ‘the persons who will be disloyal to Alah and greatly emphasize the worldly life, will be the inhabitants of jahannm (hell)” (Sura Naziat: 37-39)

Names of seven Dojokhs (hells):
1. Jahannam
2. Habiah
3. Jaheem
4. Saqar
5. Sayeer
6. Hutamah
7. Lajah