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Please Tell Your Friends About islam

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Islam is a complete and permanent code of life. Allah is its formulator and Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) is last propagator. Allah’s prophet (Sm) have imposed the rules and regulations of Islam for the welfare of mankind. These rules and regulations are called ‘sariat’. Declaring the completeness of this ‘Shariat’, Allah says:
“Today I have made your religion complete for you and have completed my grace to you. I have selected Islamic code of life for you”(Sura Maida:3)

To rules and regulations of Sharit are indivisible,and the Shariat of Islam is a complete whole. It is prohibited to accept some parts of it and to reject some other parts. It is compulsory to have belief (Iman) in every command of ‘Shariat’ and to comply wholly with it. To oppose or to violate amy rule of ‘Shariat’ is at the same time to face two dangerous consequences. One is to be faced here and the other hereafter. Allah tala says in this regared : “then, do you believe some parts of the holy book (Kitab) and reject the other parts? Hence, those of you who do the same will the consepuences of shame and disgrace in the worldly life, and on the day of judgment, they will be thrown towards severest punishment.”(Sura Baqra:85)

It is clear from the above Ayat (part of Sura) that the punishment for acceptance of some parts of Shariat and the rejection of sone others is severe both in this world and in the Akhirat.