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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

To believe in Tauhid and Risalat is a part if Iman. To believe in Akhirat is also a part of Iman. Introducing the Muttapi (the pious believers)
Allah says:
“they firmily believe in Akhirat as well” (Sura Al Bakara:4)
the great prophet (Sm) propagated Tauhid and Akhirat more during his life in Makka. Those who disbelieved in Akhirat were regarded by all the prophets as Kafirs. It isnot possible to believe in Tauhid, Risalat and the holy book (Kitab) with out bekieving in Akhirat. So it is inkispensable for one believe in Akhirat to become a Mumin (believer).

Belief in Akhirat makes one a responsible and honest worker. It makes him/her careful about the activities in this world. Because he/she belicves that he/she will be accountable to Allah in the next world (Akhirat) for all his/her bad actions in this mortal world. He keeps himself aloof from evil deeds for fear of punishment in the nesxt world. The believer in the nect world keeps himself/herself away from evil doing because of his/her fear of accountability to Allah. He/ahe himself/herself is inspired to do good work with ecpectation of reward. Thus belief in Akhirat heightens the character of man.

On the other hand, the worldly life is more important to a person who does not belic=eve in Akhirat. He/she has no feir of being accountable ro Allah. So he/she does whatever he/she likes. The person iethout featr of Allah un mind resorts to evil work whenever chance arises. So the influence of the belief in Akhirat on human life is unlimited. This belief .makes human life responsible careful, stainless and decent.