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Please Tell Your Friends About islam

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Around us we have fathers and mothers, son and daughters, brothers and sisters, relatives, neibghours, and friends. Some of them are order, some are younger. The first expectation of the older people is that they will get proper respects and regards form the younger younger people. On the contrary, the younger people also have the right to get love, affection and sympathy from the older. About the rights of older people the Prophet (Sm) says: “As the father has rights over his son, so the elder brother has rights over his younger brother”.

About this the Prophet (Sm) also says: “The man who is not affectionate towards the younger people and does not show respect to the older people, not belong to our community.”

Through the respectful attitude of the younger towards the older and through love, sympathy and affection of older towards the younger, a fair society can be built.

To become a true Muslim the order should be respected and the younger should be shown affection. Then real peach will prevail in society. So, according to Islamic ideology, to respect the older and to show affection to the younger is a compulsory duty for everybody.

Children like to imitate others. Whatever the older people do, children try to imitate that. So it is the duty of the older to help the younger to build up noble character and mentality of the younger. On the other hand, the younger should abide by the others and advice of the older.

In transports the older should be respected. While traveling by bus or train the old people should be help to get in so that they do not get trouble. Arrangement for their sitting should be made if they keep standing. These are not only showing respect to them but also a deed of virtue.
So to build a nice society, good relationship between the old and the young should be maintained. Thus we shall respect the older and show affection to the younger.