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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

The place of teachers is next to that of parents. Teachers are the most respected persons. They mould us as real human beings in this world. The parents rear the children, but the teachers mould them as perfect men and women.

Children are fond of imitation. So whatever the teacher teaches them, they will learn it. A successful teacher teaches us in our childhood what our sphere of activity in life will be. The teachers teach the students religions laws, code of behavior, good manners, modesty, politeness, regularity ect. Which students can use in their matured life to attain over all prosperity. To respect the teachers in return for their sacrifice of the well-being of the students is equivalent to iba’dat.

The persons, whose untiring efforts and sacrifice have made us real human beings, have their rights on us. To do the duties the towards the teachers we have to follow the following rules:

1. To abide by the orders and prohibitions made by teachers and behave well with them;
2. To convey Salam with respect to the teachers when seen and ask how they are;
3. To listen to and abide by what they teach;
4. To behave with them politely all the time;
5. to stand up to show respect to the teacher as soon as he/she enters the classroom and ask permission at the time of leaving the classroom;
6. To enquire about the distress and difficulties of the teachers and try to help them as far as possible;
7. Not to do anything that distress and difficulties of the teachers and try to help them as far as possible;
8. Not to do be any thing that they dislike;
9. Not to be impolite with them under any circumstance.
We have to remember that the blessing and endeavor of a teacher is the key to our success. If a teacher is hurt and curses us, it is not possible to prosper in life.
We will respect the teachers. We will abide by their advice. Then our life will be better, and we will get peace in this world and in the life hereafter.