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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Allah ta’ala has created human beings in the world. Every body is working to fulfil his/her basic needs, food, shelter, education, health, etc.
The capacity of all human beings is not equal. Some are owners, some are labours. That is, everyone works according to his/her capacity. But from Islamic point of view, there is no scope of considering any work as of low grade.to work for others in return for wages, to receive the price of labour is not a heinous work at all. Our Prophet (Sm) was asked: “what type of earning is the best and the purest?” He said told in reply: “The earning of a man by his own labour and the profit earned by honest business.”

Nobody should feel inferior in adopting any to get honest earning. A labourer should not suffer from inferiority complex, and enplouer should not think him/herself superior. Basically, capital and labour are essential for the production of goods. Without these, the production of goods is not possible. So in the field of production they should be co-operative to one another. One should not think himself/herself superior to the others.
About the dignity and right of a labourer, the Prophet (Sm) says: “those who earn their living by working for you are ypur brothers. Allah has made them subordinate to you. So, those who have such people should give them such food as they themselves eat and should give them such clothes as they themselves were. They should not be compelled to do the work which is beyond their capacity. If they are asked to do such work, they should be given proper co-operation for completing the work.”

It is described in the Hadith that is oppression if the rich, who are capable, delay in observing the rights of others. The Prophets (Sm): “Pay the labourer his wages before his/her sweat is dried up”.

Without any reason, you should not make any delay in paying wages. Thinking that a labourer should get his/her due wages, the Prophet says: ”Do not enbgage a labourer in a work before deciding his/her wages.”

If the principles and procedures adopted by Islam fot the employer- employee activities are followed, then the employee would not be deprived of his/her wages. There will be no misunderstanding between the nation the Islamic guidelines in this regard should be strictly followed.