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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Allah has created Adam (A) as the first man and Hawa (A) as the first woman and his compainion. He then sent them to this world. So Hazrat Adam (A) and Babi Hawa (A) are the first man and women created in this world. Creation of mankind, mail or female begins from these two persons.

Before the advanced of Islam women were very much neglected. Even today they are treated as inferior socially in some religions. But in Islam women are given full dignity which is absent in order religions. In Islam, special rights and wives, honour for women have been recognized as mothers, daughters, sisters and etc. it is Faraz for both mail or famail to get necessary education.

It has been proved by the Hadith that women like men have got the right to take part in activities like giving shelter to the distressed, going outside wearing purdah, taking part in congregation in a mosque, doing beneficial and social work, running business, taking part in Jiha’d etc. Maintaining decorum they can do any work they like. But they must work maintaining proper purdah.

It is the religion of Islam that has first given the women sharer of wealth. A woman is a aharer of her husband’s father’s wealth in addition to her own. However, wealthy a woman may be, the responsibility of her maintenance lies on her husband. Islam has given her tight to spend her own wealth according to her own wish.

About the rights of women in property, it has been said in the Holy Quran: “The woman has her share in the abandoned property of her parents and relatives. This right weather more or less, can never be curtailed.”
In Islamic point of view, man and Almighty Allah has given supremacy of men over women. Women are the embodiment of motherhood. About the status of a mother the Prophet (Sm) says:
“Heaven for a child a children lies under the feet of his mother.”

There is a complete sura named ‘Sura Nasa’ in the Holy Quran wherein Almighty Allah has described about the rights of women. In the Jahili (dark) age women were treated like animals. They were sold in the market like commodities. If a female child was born, she was regarded as something ominous, and she was buried alive. Among all the religions and nations in the world only Islam has given. Women equal rights and honour with men.
So, as whole-hearted followers of Islam, we must be careful in observing the rights of women.