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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)


Islam is the religion of knowledge, science and human welfare. In Islam, most emphasis is given to exercise knowledge and wisdom and science. The first message in the Quran is: Read “ (acquire knowledge). The Quran is called Al-Hakim. The Quran is full of science and wisdom. It is also said here: :Who is gifted with knowledge, is gifted with enormous benefits.” The Prophet (Sm) says “It is Farz for every Muslim to acquire knowledge.” He also says: “Acquire knowledge from the cradle to the grave.” He again says: “If necessary, go to china for this purpose.”

The Prophet (Sm) set up an educational institution named ‘Daruol Arqam’. It was established in the house of Hazrat Arqam (R) at the foot of the mountain Safa in Makka with a view to spreading education. After his Hijrat, he established a residential educational institution named ‘Suffa’ on a high place in the north-east of the Masjid-e-Nababi in Madina. After the conquest of Makka, Masjid-e-Nabbi became the centre of practicing knowledge and science. The learners gathered there coming from Kufa, basra, Syria, Egypt, Persia and far-off Rome.

With a view to spreading education, Prophet (Sm) determined the ransom of the Kafir prisoners of the war of Badar, which was to teach the illiterate Muslims. With this end in view, he sent his Sahabis to different parts of the Islamic state. After the death of the Prophet (Sm), the Muslims made the practice of knowledge and wisdom more glorified as inspired by his ideal. They spread in various parts of the wo9rld taking the torch of knowledge in there hands. They set up numbers educational institutions and libraries. With the patronization of the Abbaside caliphs Mansur and Mamun, the fundamental books of history, medicine, astronomy, etc. written in the greek, Syrian, Sanskrit and Persian languages were translated into Arabic to make easy access to knowledge and technology. For that purpose, caliph Mamun set up an institution named ‘Baitul Hikmah’ (Science laboratory) in Bagdad. Because of the All-out efforts of the Muslims, there was tremendous progress in various branches of knowledge and science. Afterwards, other nations gathered the knowledge acquired by the Muslims and reached the highest point in the domain of knowledge. So it can be said without any hesitation that these great contributions of the Muslims are at the root of the progress of modern science and technology.