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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Ahzrat Ali (R) was the son of abu Talib. From his chieldhood he was brought up with Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SM).

He had profound faith and confidence in the Prophet (Sm). When the Prophet (Sm) started propagating Islam, Hazrat Ali (R) was ten years old. In such a tender age he embraced Islam without any hesitation.

He loved the Prophet (Sm) whole heartedly and carried out his orders. When the Prophet (Sm) started for Madina (in Hijrat), he kept Hazrat Ali (R) lying on his bed to return the deposited goods to the owners. Hazrat Ali (R) knew that there was risk in taking such steps. Yet he did not hesitate to carry out the instruction of the Prophet (Sm). Carrying out the order of the Prophet (Sm) history of the would, there are rate instance of sacrificing life for the Prophet (Sm) following the path of truth.


Hazrat Ali (R) was a powerful warrior. He was gifted with uncommon powers, strength and heroism. The Kafirs used to be scared hearing his name. for his special kind of heroism in the battle of Badar, the Prophet (Sm) gifted him the sword named ‘Zulfiqar’. The sword was the symbol of power and strength of the Muslim Ummah. When he conquered the well protected Qamus fort of Khaibar, the Prophet (Sm) gave him the title ‘Asadullah’ or the ‘lionof Allah’.

Endeavour for knowledge

Hazrat Ali (R) was a devotee of knowledge. He used to continue his practice in acquiring knowledge inspite of various advise situations. He had extraordinary knowledge of hadith, Tafsir and Arabic grammar. The Prophet (Sm) said: “I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its entrance.”

Leading simple life

Hazrat Ali (R) led a very simple life. He did not like luxary. He did not possess any thing that could be called wealth. He earned his livelihood by hard work. Something he had to stave. Yet he did not complain ins pite of being the caliph of the Muslim world, he did his household works himself. His wife Fatima (R), the Prophet’s (Sm) daughter, used to grind wheat with her own hands. She did not have any servant ssor maid-servant to help her.

Service to Islam

Hazrat Ali (R) was an ideal for his courage, heroism, pursuit of knowledge and leading a simp le life. If his ideal is followed, the present restless world can find the path of peace.