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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

One has to serve the helpless and distressed person even if he is one’s deadly enemy. One kafir old woman used to spread thorns everyday on the way of the great Prophet (Sm). But one day the Prophet (Sm) did not see the thorns on his way and did not see the old woman too. Kind hearted Prophet (Sm) thought that certainly the old woman had fallen sick, and so she could not spreak thorns on the way. He went to the house of the old woman to see what happened to her. He saw that she was really sick. He sat at her head and gave her proper nursing. The old woman same round and became ashamed at her misdeeds. From then, she did never spread thorns on the Prophet (Sm). “ in the Hadith, we also find: “If one Muslim gifts clothes to another Muslim, Allah will gift him the clothes of Jannat. If he gives him food when he is hungry, Allah will give him the fruits of Jannat. If one gives water to a thirsty Muslim, Allah will give one the holy water from the sealed container of jannat.”

The duty of a man is not confined to serving humanity only. He should also extend his hand to serving animals and birds, plants and tress, worms and insets etc. He has unbounded duties also to preserve environment.
Sometimes we give trouble to bitds and animals for nothing. In the hadith, it is narrated: “Once a woman tied a cat and stopped giving it food and drink. The cat died from hunger and thirst. For that the woman was serverly punished.” Sometimes children destroy nests of birds. They catch young birds. It gives them a lot of pain.

Once a Sahabi (R) came to the prophet (Sm) taking a young bird in his hand. Seeing the offspring the mother bird began to move around it. Then the Prophet (Sm) said: “Go and put young bird where it was.”

There is a unlimited need for trees, fruits and grains for the livelihood of the living creatures, the influence of trees and plants on preserving environment is very great. In Islam, as people are asked to plant trees and sow seeds of grains, so are they told to preserve and protect them. The prophet (Sm) called the planting of tress and the growing of grains Sadaqa-i-Jaria or continuous gifts. The Prophrt (Sm) strictly forbade destroying trees and seed-plants even during war.

Once a man tore a leaf of a tree. Seeing that the Prophet (Sm) said: “Every leaf declares the glory of Allah.” Islam emphasizes strongly for preserving and protecting water and keeping it pure and clean. The Prophet (Sm) msays: “almighty Allah has printed the world ‘Rahamat’ on everything so that we treat them kindly.’

We must be kind to the living creatures. For our own benefit and to perform our religions duty, we must protect and preserve these things.