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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)


Man is the best of all creations. Almighty allah has gifted man a beautiful physical from as well as electived conscience, intelligence and soul. Livelihood is necessary to keep the body healthy. Ahd for the benefit of the soul, Halal earnings are essential. About this Al;mighty Allah says: “You take the best and pure food that I allotted for you as your livelihood.” (Sura Al-Baqara)

Halal earning means legal earning. The income earned according to the instructions and the ways approved by Allah and His Prophet (Sm) is called Halal earning.

Welfare of mankind lies in Halal earnings. Haram or illegal earnings invite misfortune. Almighty Allah has created mankind for his iba’dat. And He has created all other things for benegit of mankind. As it is the duty of h uman beings to do iba’dat of Allah, so it is their duty to look for Halal or legal earning. Almighty allah has directed: “When you finish salat., go to yopur work and earn your Halal living” (Sura Al-Jumua:10). The Prophet (Sm) says: “Seeking Halal earnings is a Farz (or essential) after Farz” Islam does not like laziness, aversion to work and idleness at all. The following Hadith is its sure proof. The Prophet (Sm) says: “When your salatul Fazar is finished, do not go to sleep without working for your living.” Hazrat Umar (R) said: “None of you should sit idle feeling discouraged in trying to seek earnings for your living”. Encouraging people to do manual labour Raskullah (Sm0says: “Nobody has taken better food than one who has earned it with one’s own hands” (Bukhari)

As Halal earning earning may be made by manual labour, so also they may be made through official aervice or trades and business. About trades and business the Prophet (Sm) says: “nine tenths of your earnings lie in business .”
Business should br done honestly. About this the prophet (Sm) says: “the honest and trustworthy Muslim business man will be atay with the martyrs in the day of judgement.”

There are so many ways of Halal earnings except service and business. One can acquire Halal earnings by self-employment and Halal earning cattle, making poultry farm, cultivating fish, planting trees, running small or big nurseries and small scale industries etc. these not only pronide self-employment and Halal earnings also help develop a country.