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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

‘shirk’ means partnership, i.e. to believe in more than one creator and more than one lord to offer ibadat (worship) to him. To make partner with Alllah by regarding and comparing someone as having the same attributes as that of allah in any respect is called ‘shirk’. The person commits shirk, is called a ‘mushrik’. To equate any power or object in the ibadat (workshop) of Allah is also Shirk.

‘Shirk’ is not only an unpardonable crime, it is also disgraceful to human beings, the best creation of Allah. Allah has created man to offer ibadat (adoration) only to Allah. And Allah has created all other things for the benefit of mankind. Human beings are endowed with such attributes that can help them control all other creations and make use of them for their own purposes.

But by bowing down before all these creations, the mushriks disgrace themselves. Unrest and divisions are created in human society through shirk. Differences between the small and the big are also created. The Musricks also bow down before different inert objects, god, and goddesses, images, natural powers etc. this is cxtremely disgraceful to humanity.

Measure for getting forgiveness
Shirk is an unpardonable sin. But if one sincerely begs Allah’s pardon by pledging not to repeat the same and renews one’s faith, Allah the gracious, may kindly pardon this sin.