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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Allah, the creator of the univers , is one , second to none and incomparable. This belief in Allah is called “tauhid”. The meaning of the term ‘tauhid’ is onenees . in the Islamic terminology. Allah, the only creator, preserver and entity deserving to get iba’dat and loyalty. To accept and believe in this single Entity is called ‘tauhid’.

Importance and influence of the belief in ‘tauhid’
Faith in Allah is the most importance of all the fundamental aspects of Islam in which one has to believe. This is the aspect of ‘Iman’. Tauhid is the basis of faith in Allah. All the teachings of Islam id based on the belief in ‘tauhid. Innumerable prohets beginning from the first prohet Hazrat adam(a) to the last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (sm) came to this earth for the correction of mankind, and all of them struggled to establish ;tauhid’ Hazrat Ibrahim (A) was thrown into fire in this struggle. Hazrat Muhammad (sm) also endured ruthless torture and was compellked to perform Hizrat (migration). Salvation from the bonds of slavery of innumerable creations can be gained if the lordship of one Allah is accepted. Those who believe in tauhid do not bow down their heads before any ffman, matter, nature or power. The believe in tauhid arouses a sense of selfe conciousness and self respect in man. This belief creates unity among all creations ignoring all divisions among them. Magnanimous outlooks are formed as a result of the belief in tauhid. Nothing can mislead a believer in tauhid from his determination. He is inspire to do good deeds.