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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

The meaning of the term ‘Iman’ is faith. To believe in the fundamental aspect of Islam heartily, to recognize them orally and to act accordingly is called iman. There exists a close and inseparable relationship between Iman and Islam. Islam is the outward expression of Iman maintains the same relation with Islam as the roots of a tree does with the stem, the branches and the leaves. The nutrients collected by the roots from the soil keep the stem, the branches and the lwaves of trees lively and green. Iman produces the zeal of love for allah and the desire to gain his satisfaction. Thus Islam becomes lively and fresh and flourishes in complete beauty.
The seven fundamental aspects of ‘Iman’
A muslims must have faith (Iman) in particular fundamental aspects. These are:
1. belief in opne allah
one must believe in heart as allah to be the one and only creator, preserver and entity deserving to get iba’dat.

2. belief in malaika or the angels
The angels are made of light. They are special creations of Allah. They are special creations of allah. They do not require eating or drinking. They are always engaged in different activities ordered by Allah. They never disobey orders sof Allah . it is necessary to have faith in them.
3. belief in the heavenly books (kitab) revealed by allah
Allah use to send messages to the holy prophets from age to lead the misled mankind to the right direction. The combination of these massages is called the ‘kitab’ of Allah or the heavenly books.
4. belief in the holy prophets (nabi-rtasuls)
the prophets are the teachers of mankind. They led mankind to the path of Allah. The prophets on whom the holy kitsbs or the holy sahifas were revealed are called rasuls. It is essential to have faith in the prophets as well as the holy kitabs.
5. belief in the ‘akhirat’.
Life after death is called ‘akhirfat’. One has to account for one’s worldly good as well as bad deeds in ‘akhirat’. Reward for the wordly good deeds and punishment for the bad deeds will be given in akhirat.
6. belief in taqdir (luck)
Allah controls takdir (luck). Allah decides weather a person will have good or bad luck. Man should try and work. He should endeavour, but for the results of his work and endeavour, he should depend on Allah. One should be grateful to him if one succeeds and should have patience when one fails.

7. belief in resurrection after death :
All human beings will arise at hasher maidan (the field of judgement) in the life hereafter. There they will have to account for their respective deeds in the mortal world. Their trial will be held on evidence. This is called ‘resurrection’. we must have full faith in these things.