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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Allah Ta’ala has created us. He controls everything about human beings. Because of parents, human beings come to this beautiful world. Parents are our nearest and dearest ones. With infinite love, sympathy and affection they rear their children. There is no limit of their sacrifice. When a child is born, it remains very helpless. At that time parents rear the child with great fondness and care fulfilling all its needs. So children’s responsibilities and duties towards their parents are next to iba’dat to Allah.
Everybody should take care so that the parents can lead their lives in peace and happiness. We should not do any thing or utter any world that might hurt them. Especially wnen they become old, weak and cannot earn and consequently become dependent upon their children, they should be taken care of more. For this, the duties and responsibilities of the children towards their parents are described with great importance in the Holy Quran. About this it is said in the Holy Quran : Your Provider has ordered that you should not offer your Iba’dat to anyone except Him and that you should behave well with your parents. If one them or both become old, do not utter a single world of annoyance in their presence. Do not give them any hint that you are in trouble because of them and do not talk to them in a threatening tone. Rather talk to them respectfully. Stretch your helpful hands towards them with sympathy. Devote yourself to their service.” In the Holy Quran it is said: “oh Allah ! In my childhood my parents reared me with much love and care, Show that love and care to them.” (Sura Bani Israil: 23-25)
To perform the Iba’dat the of Allah, not to do any shirk behave well with the parents are equally important for and woman. About it Almighty Allah says: “You perform the iba’dat of Allah do not make any thing His share holder (Sharik) and behave well with your parents.”(Sura An-Nisa:36)
Satisfaction of the parents is the satisfaction of Allah. In the Hadith Sharif it is said: “Allah is satisfied if parents are satisfied and Allah is dissatisfied if parents are dissatisfied.”

It is the compulsory duty of every son and daughter to abide by the decisions of their parents of their parents. But if the parents order them to do anything against Islam or give pressure for doing that, in that case children have to refuse to carry out the order of the parents and follow the order of Allah. Even in that case children should not abandon their parents.

Disobedience to parents is an unforgivable crime. Allah will not forgive this sin. Rather, before giving such a sinner inevitable punishment in the world hereafter, he/she will be punished in this world also. About this the Prophet (Sm) says: “Almighty Allah forgives all the sins of His servants according to parents. Rather He punishes such sinners in this worldly life before death.”

Both father and mother have their rights on there children. But the right of a mother is greater than of a father. Once a man came to the court (darber) of the Prophet (Sm) and said : “your honour, both my father and mother are alieve. I want to serve them. Whose right I will look after first? the Prophet (Sm) replied, “your mother’s.” The man again asked, “then”? the Prophet (m) replied, “your mother’s.” Third time the man asked the same question. The prophet (sm) said in reply : “your mother’s.” When the same question is asked for the fouth time the Prophet replied: “your mother’s.” So it is evident that the right of a mother os greater then that of a farther. About the right of a mother Prophet (Sm) said: “Heaven for a child lies under the feet of its mother.”

To get peace in the worldly life and to get get unlimited happiness in heaven in the world hereafter, one must be submissive to one’s parents. The total welfare of our worldly life lies in the satisfaction of the parents. So under no circumstances parents should be inflicted with pain and it is your duty to always treat them well. We will abide by the decisions of our parents. We will take of them. Then Allah will be pleased. We will get blessings of Allah, and our life will be prosperous.