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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Jiha’d means hard labour, effort and perseverance. In the Islamic terminology, to make the Deen (Islam) of Allah victorious, trying hard using physical, mental, economic and intellectual strengths all unfavorable forces is called Jiha’d. To fight against all types of antiforces for establishing Islam perfecty is a great iba’dat. This type of jiha’d is done only to uplift the religion (Deen) of Allah to the highest place. Jiha’d can never be done for any worldly purpose. Allah ta’ala says: “The people having Iman (believers) fight on the path of Allah and the Kafirs fight on the path of (Satan)” (sura An Nisa _76)
The prophet says: “The man who fights to establish the deen (religion) o9f Allah is on the path of Allah.”

Types of jiha’d

  1. Zahiri or Open jiha’d

  2. Baitni or Secret jiha’d

    Open jiha’d :
    The permanent enemies of Islam are the Kafirs, the Mushriks, the Munafiqs, the lawes etc. they always try to wipe away Islam from this world. To fight openly against these forces who are against Allah, is called open Jiha’d. allah Ta’ala says: “O Prophet! Fight the Kafir and the Muanafiqs and be harsh against them.” (Sura Tauba: 73)

    Secret Jiha’d
    Ibalis (Satan) and Nafs (evel-tendency) are deadly enemics to human beings. Falling into the trap of Satan and due to the pressure of evil-tendencies a person enemies himself/herself in sinful acts. To fight against these deadly enemies, Iblis and evil-tendencies (Nafs). Is called Secret jiha’d. it is difficult to suppess evil tendencies. So to fight against evil tendencies is called a great jiha’d. if evil-tondencies and Satan can be suppressed, the path to heaven will be smoother. The Prophet (Sm) says : “Fighting against Nafs or evil-tendencies is called the greatest jiha’d.” it is the holy duty of every Muslim to do Jiha’d to establish the Deen of Allah as well as to maintain peace and order in this world. It is an essential duty of everyone to sacrifice their life and property to fight against the enemies of Islam. We will follow the path of Islam. We try to resist the enemies of Islam. We will follow the path pf Islam. We will try to resist the irreligious people.