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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Allah has created mandind as the best all creations (Asharaful Malhluqat). And he has emploued all the things of the world fot the welfare of human beings. For esample, Allah says:
“Allah has created everything of this world for your service” (Sura Baquara:29)

Allah knows which objects of this world are helpful for their bodies, minds, brains and souls and which objects are unhelpful, which objects are useful and which objects are harmful to them. So Allah has made those things halal which benefit human beings and keep their bodies and minds healthy. Halal food brings light to the heart and grows a sense of hatred towards injultice and dishonest people and increases good qualities in human beings. If you eat halal food, your attention to iba’dat will enhance. And that is why, inspiring the prophets to eat halal food, Allah says: “ O holy prophets, eat halal things and perform good deeds, Iam well aware of what you do.” (Mumin: 51)Addresing all human beings, Allah the Holiest, says: “ Ohuman beings, eat the halal and good things of this world” (Sura Baqara :168)


Haram food , and objects must be avoided. There are such elements in certain items of food and drink as can cause abnormality in healthy brains, create madness and help diminish memory, heron, wine, opium ganja, etc. these things haram human bodies severely, damage social atmosphere and cripple human beings econonomically. These bad habits make men bankrupt. Gambling, housey, lottery are haram in the eye of Sharit. These are profane and satanic acts. A man loses everything if he is involved in these acts. Allah says in his regard:
“O pious people, drinding wine, gambling, worshipping images ect. Are the ecil acts of devils. Therefore, keep away from these things so that you can achieve welfare.” (Sura Mayida: 90)

modern scientific researches have proved that there are such germs in the bodies of wild animals that are harmful to human bodies. So those can ve halsl for us. Moreover, eating haram food develops bad habits and bad character, destroys interest in iba’dat and the prayers of the harm- eaters are not accepted. The prophet (Sm) said in this regard.
“Many people come back from long journies and start praying with devotion raising both the hands to Allah saying: Olord of the universe! But how their prayers will be accepted since their food and drinks, dress and clothing are all of haram earnings.” (muslim, Tirmizi).