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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

The activities and objects which are prohibited by the clear instructions of the Quran and Sunnah and which are definited avoidable and worth giving up are called haram. It is a serious sin to do haram things dnowingly. And to rehard haram as halal or halal as haram is Kufr. The halal objects are innumerable. It is not possible to make a list of them. Allah, the Merciful, says”
“If you count the Niamat (gift) of Allah, you cannot finish counting them” (Sura Ibrahim:34)

the number of haram objecvts is limited. For this reason, a list of certain haram objects is given below:

  1. it is harm to eat the meat of dead animals, but to eat dead fish is halal.

  2. The blood which flows an animal is slaughtered is haram, but the blood which remains with meat of the halal animals is not haram.

  3. To eat pork is flesh is harm.

  4. To eat human flesh is haram.

  5. TO eat the meat of animals which are sacrificed in the namesw of gods and goddesses is harm.

  6. To eat the meat of the halal animals killed by strangulation, chopping, throwing down from high places or killed by a blunt weapon is haram. Blood dies not flow in this way and this is absolute cruelty.

  7. The meat of ferocious animals, the lion the tiger the bear, the fox, the dog etc. and of ferocious birds the hawk, the etc. is haram.

  8. the animals which are generally unholy and live on dead animals are also harm, the crow, the vulture etc.

  9. the animals which are troublesome, poisonous and harmful are alao harm, the snake, the scorpion etc.

  10. The meat of the donkey, the mule and the elephant is harm.

  11. The objects which cause defects in the brain and intoxication are harm to take or drink, heroin, wine, opium, etc. and all other drugs.


surveymause said...

Please, help me to understand the difference in Haram and Halal. ?

By answering another question I came across some very interesting article.

Please Muslims, don't get upset, I am not a troll - I just like to know the truth.


1. It is haram to marry an adult pagan woman but halal to marry an underage Muslim child.
2. It is haram to steal an egg from a Muslim, punishable by cutting hands and feet, but halal to rob non Muslim's commercial caravans, rewarded by share of the booty.
3. It is haram to slaughter an animal in a name other than God but halal to slaughter a human being in the name of God.
4. It is haram to befriend a Jew or a Christian but halal to kill them and sleep with their wives and daughters.
5. It is haram to watch television but halal to watch beheading and stoning.
6. It is haram for a woman even to show her face to a namahram man but halal for a man to disrobe and inspect a namahram woman before buying her in a slave market.
7. It is haram to buy mortgage to acquire a house for your family but halal to buy a woman from a slave market to sleep with her.
8. It is haram to trade alcohol but halal to trade human beings.
9. It is haram to listen to music but halal to listen to wailing of innocent women and children of the beheaded critics and apostates.
10. It is haram to see a movie but halal to kill an infidel.
11. It is haram to bet on a horse for entertainment but halal to steal a horse from an infidel for a living.
12. It is haram for a woman to have more than one husband but halal for a husband to have more than one wife.
13.It is haram for a husband to hurt his wife by treating other wives better, but halal for him to hurt them all by acquiring and sleeping with unlimited slaves and captive women.
14.It is haram for a wife to refuse her husband even on a camels back but halal for a husband to beat her up with a lash and green stick if she refuses him.
15. It is haram to even break the heart of a single innocent person if he is Muslim, but halal to behead all the innocent men of a community and sell their innocent women and children in slavery if they are non Muslims.
16.It is haram to attack and and injure enemy women but halal to enslave and rape them.
17.It is halal to stone a woman by burying her in a hole dug to her shoulders to maintain her "hijab" but haram to stone her on a flat ground and risk her "hijab".
18. It is halal to let young girls burn in fire but haram to rescue them if they do not have hijab.

Please let me know your opinion