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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

The world ‘Ahd’ means a promise, an undertaking, a contract, a commitment giving world to someone etc. in Sharit of Islam, Ahd means the act of keeping one’s world given earlier. It is also known as maintaining of wada.

keeping a promise is one of the characteristics of a person who leads his/her life with Taqwa or with good character. We lieve in society. In our social life, we make wada, make contracts and promises with others. It is our sacred duty to comply with all these promises. One who keeps hios word, fulfilswada is lived by all. Almighty Allah also loves those who are true to their words. In this regard, Allah Says:
“O Believers! You keep your promises”. (Sura Al-Mayida 1) As it isw compulsory to repay our debts, it is also compulsory to fulfil our promises or contracts made with others. For the Mumins or true believers it is a compulsory duty to keep promises; it is a demand of Iman. About Iman, Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) says: “To a mumin a promise is like a debt.” It must be honoured.
In the court of Allah it will be enquired whether a person has kept his/her promises. About the fulfillment of promises, allah says: “ You will always keep your promise, because you will be asked about these.” (Sura Bani Israil-34) Allah says about those who do not keep their words or who breach their promises:
“O Believers! Why do you say such word that you do not keep?” (sura Saff-2) Breaching of promise is a most heinous offence. About this offence, Prophet Muhammad (Sm) says: “ One who does not keep his/her world has no Deen” Prophet Muhammad (Sm) and his close allociates or Sahabis used to keep their promises at all costs. Once the Prophet (Sm) promises at all been waiting for there days at that place to meet him in order to keep his promise.