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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Hazrat Fatima (Ra)

Hazrat Fatima (Ra) was the youngest dughter. Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) and Khadija (Ra). She was born in 605 A C at makka. From her childhood she was as intelligent as the possessor of wvery good character. Her title was Zahra (Exquisitely beautiful or paragon of beauty ) and Batul (sacred, indifferent to worldy things). The great Prophet loved her very much. She was married to Hazrat Ali (ra) after the battle of Badr in the second year of Hijri.

Hazrat Ali (Ra) the husband of Hazrat Fatima (Ra) was very poor. He used to earn his livelihood by hard labour. Due to poverty they used to live with one meal a day or even without a meal throughout the day. Sometimes they were staving for two three days. Yet they did never lose patience. They were always beaming with contentment. Fatima (Ra) used to perform by herself all her domestic duties. She herself would do everything form rearing up of children, service to the husband as well as all other activities. Blister would develop in her hands for pressing millstone. She had no slaves. She did not like decoration or pomp and grandeur. She used to lead a simple life.

Despite poverty, Fatima (Ra) was very much charitable. She never returned a beggar empty-handed. Even after starvation for 2-3 days, if some provision was arranged and if at the moment a beggar came to her door, she would hand it over to the beggar. She herself would spend her day simply by drinking water.

When in deathbed, the Prophet (Sm) saked her to come and said to her, O my mother! I shall be no more, I shall take leave of you. Fatima (Ra) was grief-stricken and began to cry. Seeing this, the Prophet (Sm) bought his face to her car and whispered, Mother! Of all members of my family you will be the first to join me. Hearing this, Fatima (Ra) smiled with pleasure. Hazrat Fatima had acpuired all the qualities of her ides parents. She had devotion to truth, patience, charity, modesty, loyalty to husband, dependence on Allah etc. all the noble qualities. She is the leader of all women in jannat. Fatima (Ra) was the apple of the Prophet’s eye. The prophet (Sm) said, whoever gives trouble to Fatima, he in fact gives trouble to me. (Bukhari) Hazrat Fatima (Ra) was the mother of Imam Hasan and Iman Hussain (Ra).

The ideas of the eleventh Hijri 633 A C six months after the demise of the Great Prophet (Sm).

We shall learn Fatima (Ra)’s life and be able to tell it. We shall follow her ideal of life.