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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

The time table of Salat

Allah has commanded to perform Salat in time. Salat is not established if it is not performed in time. In this matter, Allah says: “Surely, performing Salat (prayers) at the speacified times is compulsory for the believers”. (Nisa: 104)

Time :

We must know the correct time of performing Salat> an account of the correct time of Salat is given below:

Fajar :

The time of Fajar begins from Susbhi Sadiq and ends with the rising of the sun. the north-south length-wise bright line or stripe (early morning) found in the eastern horizon of the sky is called Subhi Sadiq. This bright light increases gradually and then the sun rises.

Zahar :

In the afternoon with the fall of the sun to the western side of the sky the time of Zuhar Salat beings. And it lasts upto the time when the shadow of every thing or article becomes double excluding the original shadow of the thing or article. The shadow of every thing just at noon is called (Saya Asli) the original shadow. For example, the shadow of a stick of three yards lenhth, just at noon is one yard. Therefore, when the shadow of the stick will be seven yards, the time of Zuhar Salat (prayer) will be over.

Asar :

the time of Asar Salat Beings soon after the end of Zuhar Salat and it last upto the sun set. But to perform Asar Salat is Makruh (defective) when the sun takes yellow colour.

Magrab :

the time of Maghrib Salat beings soon after the sunset and lasts till the red is very short. Hence, the performance of this Salat should be started as soon as the time begins.

Isha :
the time of Isha Salat beings after the end of Maghrib Salat and it lasts upto Subhi Sadiq. Of course, it is better to perform it within the first half of the night. To perform the Salat after midnight is Makruh (defective).

Vitr :

The time of vitr and Isha Salat is the same. Vitr Salat is to be performed after Isha Salat. Vitr Salat cannot be performed before Isha Salat.