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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Iman Mujmal

amantu billahi Kama Huwa
Bi asmaihi wa sifatihi
wa qubiltu jamia
Ahkamihi wa arkanihi


I believe in Allah as he exists with His names and qualities. And thus accepted all of His commandments and rules and regulations.


Iman means belief and Mujmal means brief. Hence, Iman Mujmal means belief in brief. To accpt is Almighty. He is One. He has no partner. He has nice qualities and beautiful names. We must believe in His qualities as we believe in His existence. And then we must abide by the commandments and prohibitions of Allah. He has commanded us to obey those matters which are useful for us and prohibited those which are harmful for us. A balance between this acceptance and omission is Iman.
We shall abide by the Commandments and Prohibitions of Allah, shall be able to read and recite Iman Mujmal with correct pronunciation. We shall be able to know its meaning and to tell the same. We shall be able to explain all about it having real belief in all of them.