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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Farz (binding) of Salat:

There are some very important conditions for Salat without a single condition Salat will be void. These are called essentials (Farz) of Salat. The number of Farz in Salat is fourteen. Of these, seven are preparatory before the beginning of Salat which are called Ahkam or Shart. These are:

  1. Purity of body

  2. Purity of cloth

  3. Cleanness and purity of the place of Salat.

  4. Covering the body from the navel to below the knees for man, and for woman the whole body excepting the face, wrist of the hands and the feet.

  5. To perform Salat facing the Qibla (Ka’ba)

  6. To perform Salat during the time of the Salat.

  7. Niyyat or intention during the time of the Salat.

    There are seven other Farz inside the aSalat which are called Arkan. These are:

  8. Takbir Tahrima or saying ALLAHU AKBAR, having Niyyat of Salat.

  9. To perform Salat standing, if unable, sitting, if unable, lying with hints.

  10. To recite Qirat. To do Ruku.

  11. To do Ruku.

  12. To do Sijda.

  13. Last sitting where Tashahhud, Darud, Dua Masura are to be uttered and complete the Salat with Salam.

  14. To com out of Salat with the help of some deed (Such as, Salam)