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Please Tell Your Friends About islam

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Islam is the relation of human welfare. Doing well being to human beings is the main principle of Islam. The Muslims have ideas which is worth following in serving the distressed humanity, helping those who are in want and in all types of beneficial activities. Hazrat Umar (R) contructed innumerable masques, hospitsals, schools, roads, culverts and dug canals for irrigation and drinding water. He sent his wife for nursing a lonely Bedwin woman who was just going to deliver of a child. If we have feeling like those of Hazrat Umar (R) for the poor and the distressed people, the sorrows and sufferings of the poor and distressed people can be mitigated to a great extent even today.

The Muslims were suffering from scarcity of water in Madina. There was the only well named ‘Ruma’. But that was in the possession of a Jew. He sold water at a high price. Hazrat Usman (R) bought that well for thirty five thousand Dirhams and made it waqf for the Muslims. The contribution of Hajee Muhammad Muhsin in establishing the foundation of Muslim education in Bengal is unlimited.

For the benefit of human beings women also made great contribution side by side with men. Empress Zubaida, the wife of the caliph Harun-ur-Rashid, managed the supply of water in the holy city of Makka, Mina and Arafat by diggng a canal. She did it to remove the suffering of the suffering of the Muslims who used to come to Makka for performing Hajj. This canal is well-known as ‘Nahar-e-Zubaida’.

The sister of Mamluk Sultan Malik Tahir established a famous female educational institution in cairo in Hijri 604. the wife of Azd-ud-Daulah set up a big hospital. Khatun, the daughter of Malik Ashraf, established a big college in Danmascus. Jamrud, the wife of Taimur, established a college after her own name and she bore all the expenses herself.

These Muslim women are the source of inspiration to the generous women of this age who have contributed to the inspiration to the generous women of this age who have contributed to the well-being of humanity and earned international fame.