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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)

Saum means to refrain from doing something. In the Islamic terminology, refraining from taking food and satisfying sexual appetites from dawn to dusk for the satisfaction of Allah is called Saum.
Saum is Faraz for every adult Muslim man or woman. About this it has been declared in the holy Quran: “Saum is made Farz for yoi, as it was Faraz, for the previous Ummat, so that you can acquire Taqwa”. (Suea Al-Baqara:183)
There fundamental objectives of Saum have been described in the Holy Quran:

  1. Acquiring Taqwa

  2. Declaring the supremacy of Allah

  3. Expressing gratitude to Allah.

    In a Hadi-e-Qudsi, it is narrated that Allah says: “Saum is only for Me, I Myself will pay for it.”

    The importance of Saum snd its benefits are innumerable. The Sawab of Saum is very great.
    The person who fasts is rewarded with innumerable virous. The great Prophet (Sm) says : “the virtue of all good deeds will be from ten times to seven hundred times but as Saum is only for Allah, he Himself will reward for it.”
    A man observing fasting os able to control all his bad instincts. The Prophet (Sm) says : “saum is like a shied for the believers.”
    Saum is a fundamental Farz (compulsory) duty. If any one denies it, he/she becomes a kafir (infidel).
    The momth of Ramadan is a month of patience. Through the observance of Saum for one month, the patience a servant of Allah fis tested. Being pleased, Allah will place Allah’s fasting servant in heaven. The Prophet (Sm) says : “Ramadan is a month of talking patience and the return of patience is heaven.”

  • Sympathy : General people are apt to enjoy life. They want to utilize their wealth for their own benefits only. The rich people can never feel the pangs of hunger and thirst, want and scarcity. As Saum is Farz for both the rich and the poor, the rich can realize the suffering of hunger. As a result, they become sympathetic with the poor.

  • Removal of bad habits: there are some detestable habits in human beings like jealousy, malice and tendency to speak ill of others. But a person who observes Saum, tries to give up these bad habits. As a result peace and order prevail in the society.

  • Strengthening social relationship : While observing Saum, people call each other for taking Sahri and lftar (the meal taken in the last falf of the night and the food taken breaking fast) for hetting Sawab (reward). They send Iftar to one another’s house. Thus the social relationship is strengthened.

    Besides all these, there is unlimited economic importance in observing Saum. While observing Saum the fasting people give away ample alims for getting extra reward from Allah. Thus the financial scarcity of the poor is reduced. So for getting nearness to Allah ahd considering its social importance everyone should observe Saum. We will observe Saum sincerely.