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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful)


Almighty Allah has sent human beings as Allah’s representatives to this world for the performance of only his iba’dat. We perform His iba’dat to get Hos satisfaction. Allah has directed how we ought to perform iba’dat and what work have to do. In our daily, life the iba’dats we do for the satisfaction of Allah are of two phases. The first phase is fixed only for Almighty Allah, such as salat saum etc. we must admit that without the Creator the existence of this world would not be possible. Allah exists. Allah is one and unique. Allah has no share-holder. Allah creates everything, destroys everything. We are Allah’s servants. Our life and death, food sleep are all in the hand of Allah. Allah wahts Allah’s servants to admit and comply with all thes things. Almighty Allah declared in the Holy Quran: “I have created jinn and Mankind for the purpose that they will do only My iba’dat.” To comply with the rights of Allah, we have to do the following thing:
to admit the sovereignty and authority of allah in our whole life.
to abide by the orders of Allah.
to submit oneself wholly to the will of Allah and expect His favour in all circumstances.

We have to perform the above things in our personal, family, social, popitical, economic and in all other spheres of lige. We have oto do all our works according to the dictastes of Allah. Only then the rights of Allah will be established and we will be rewarded by Allah.

Haqqul Iba’dat

We live in society together with our parents, relatives and neighbours. We help each other in our weal and woe, in sorrows and distress. This mutual help and sympathy is called ‘Haqqaul iba’dat’ or the rights of the servants of Allah. About the rights of the servants of Allah, Prophet (Sm) says: “Surely your provider has rights over you, your wife has rights over your body, your children have rights over you. So give the rights of those who have rights over you.”

From the beginning to the end of Sura Nisa of the Quranul Karim the rights of one human being over another human being have been described. Almighty Allah has ordered people to observe their rights and duties towards other people. Sometimes these rights and do their duties are made Farz (compulsory). He who will abandon or deny them, will face harsh punishment in the day of the final judgement.

Haq or rights of people over people has got eight categories. Among them there are some rights which must be observed in any circumstances. These are Farz. There are other rights which should be observed according to the situations and some others are ordinary rights. These are introduced below in brief:

  1. The rights of relatives (these are Farz);

  2. The rights of distant relatives;

  3. The rights of neighbours;

  4. The rights of the citizens of the country ;

  5. The rights of rules and the ruled;

  6. The rights of Muslims in general;

  7. The rights of neddy people;

  8. The rights of non-Mullims.